Today I have decided to speak about cooking. Yeah, so that's something what we really need to do every day, day by day. And I think, of course, each of us can cook different way, prefer different kind of cuisine, use different ingredients, use more or less vegetable, fruits, meat and so on.. and I would like to mention my beginnings of cooking because I think that it is quite strange. I can say that as a girl I was not a typical girl – I didn't like playing with dolls, .. babies such as toys... and I definitely didn't like helping my mum in the kitchen and also in the garden but that is the reason that I had to do it really a lot because of my grandma. And now I have my own garden and I grow my own vegetable – yeah so that's quite funny.


But about cooking. I really avoided kitchen – the most I could, surely. So my first cooking lessons, we can say, started at university. Especially, the year when I lived with my husband in Prague – so you know suddenly you had to choose – either to spend money on food on meals in a cantene or you need to prepare something by yourself. So we started step by step very slowly in a small kitchen which was common at students' hostels Strahov for all the floor, you know – so that was really very funny beginnings. Then my husband after studies moved to his flat in Opatov and one year he lived there alone before I moved there. So that was only during weekends – once, twice a month cooking – nothing too much interesting. But suddenly when I moved there to live with him I understood that we need to choose. Either to spend 150 crowns for each lunch or to cook. And, of course, that was meant for 1, we were 2 or we are 2..


And so I was thinking really a lot about the situation and I can say that I decided to cook every day – to prepare lunch for me and for my husband. But because of my lessons and because of time management of my husband finally my time was really very limited. Actually that was a good exercise to cook everything fast – I had usually for a normal lunch only really 60 or maximum 75 minutes also for eating – so that was not much time. And now with children it is a good practise – you know because with children you cannot waste your time – so that's very different story. So now I cook every day and even twice a day mostly. And if I am a good cook, you should ask probably my husband or somebody else – yeah, because you know that is difficult to say.