Hello everybody. Today I'd like to speak about animals and animal rights. I was thinking about this topic thanks to my son because today in the morning we visited the zoo near to our home in Chleby. It is very nice zoo and here, I believe, very popular and, of course, it is quite small zoo so they don't have so many animals in there but they have there also these normal animals for children such as pigs, hens and also there were quinea-pigs. For children these are still animals so it is perfect this way.


But of course, from time to time, I meet a student who wants to discuss if it is good or not good to keep animals in cages in a zoo or worse in the circus. So surely I believe that their living conditions are better in the zoo than in the circus because there the place... and their living conditions need to be very limited and, yeah, I believe it is really a big problem for animals. I have even seen some time back that people were … like asking for prohibition of animals in the circus. That you probably would go to the circus to see only the clowns. That is definitely an interesting idea actually I am every time nervous of going to the circus of animals which are so near to us, audience even though I see in the back almost every time. But that is one questions – if it is good or not. Definitely, I believe that zoos in general can help a lot to endangered species and can help animals also to return to their natural habitat. I think that can be a very good way for them. But of course, in general, it is bad .. surely, animals should live outside freely … in their own natural habitat and not to keep them in cages.


But what is the worst when we speak about animals and animal rights so I deem I still think the worst are parents who buy their children for Christmas, for example, a puppy or a kitten. That is probably the worst possible situation. Nowadays, it is quite a trend but children sometimes are not ready to take care of them fully and parents are too busy to explain them and teach them how to do that and then, of course, animals suffer... yeah. And the worst possible situation that even parents just let the animals somewhere... somewhere outside. That's definitely the worst. I hope that I will never do anything like that to my children. Surely I will support them to have a kitten or a puppy when they are wise enough to understand what to do or not to do but to buy them as a present only is really one of the worst ways.