The unnamed grave


Maybe it will sound strangely but everything started at the cemetery.

            It is raining. It is raining cats and dogs and it makes rattling sound. Man can think there cannot exist worse sound than that but he would be wrong. The worst and the most unpleasant sound of rain is in the cemetery. Flashes are lightning across the deserted cemetery in one forgotten city. People are afraid to get out of their warm houses but still there is someone who had to go out. She goes slowly knowing she has a lot of time. She walks towards the cemetery. She hates the place. She hates this awful city and mainly this forgotten cemetery! If only it did not exist! She walks from one pool to another. She does not look down at her feet knowing that she will not stumble. This way is very well known to her. And suddenly here she is. The unnamed grave. Nobody has cover up the coffin even if the funeral was many years ago. In the light of flash she can see how two urns gleam next to the coffin. Ahhh, two urns and the coffin. She know too much well who are in there.

            She bends and puts white roses on each of these remains. When roses touches the urns and the coffin, they got soaked with mud. No one will know tomorrow that somebody like her was even here. Nobody will know and this is important.

            When she rises her eyes, she can see a big white cross in front of her lightened by flash. She is not frightened. She expected that she will see it. She expected to meet it again.

            She is leaving ...

            ... and the life goes on ...

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