3. How Dingo comes home


... when they wake up the next morning, they are still on the bank of the river.

            "Good morning, Dingo," says Bingo.

            "Hi, Bingo," answers Dingo.

            "How are you? How are you after yesterday?" asks Bingo.

            "I am feeling very well, thank you, Bingo," answers Dingo.

            "It is good. I am happy for you. I want to ask you about your family. Where do you live?" asks Bingo.

            "I come from the Greenish-greeny Woods. My family lives there. My mum, my dad, my grandma and my grandpa and my two brothers and my sister," answers Dingo.

            "Where is the place Greenish-greeny Woods?" asks Bingo.

            "I think to the north from here... I am not sure," says Dingo sadly.

            "Why aren't you sure?" asks Bingo.

         "Because I am lost here and I don't know the way home," says Dingo. He is very unhappy now.


         "Ohh! I will help you. We will find the way. Do not worry, my friend," says Bingo.

        "Do you think that we will find it? I do not know this place. You are my only friend here, dear Bingo," asks Dingo.

            "Sure! I can find the way. Follow me!" says Bingo and he goes slowly away from the river and the bank. Dingo stands up and goes after him. They go across the road, across the bridge and to the other bank of the river. They go to the wood and they go through all the wood and get to the next river. This is very large and very fast. This one is much faster the river into which Dingo fell. Here Bingo stops.

            "Are we lost again?" asks unhappy Dingo.

            "No, we aren't. But I feel danger. I feel something from the other side of the valley," answers Bingo.

            "But we do not have to go there, do we?" asks Dingo.

         "I don't know. I think that maybe we have to. I think you came here from that valley," says Bingo and shows Dingo the big valley.

            "I am afraid," says Dingo.

            "Me, too. Do not worry. It will be ok," says Bingo and they go to the next wood and to the big valley.

          They can see nothing strange there but Bingo is more and more afraid. He is horrified. He thinks that something will run after them from the trees.

                 Suddenly there is a big monster! 


        "Dingo, run! Away! Run away now, Dingo!" calls Bingo and he is running away.

         "Bingo, wait! Wait for me, my friend!" calls Dingo from behind.


..... continue in the next chapter ....


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3. How Dingo comes home A