How Dingo falls into the river


... the sun is shining and two friends are sitting on the bank of the river. They are catching fish.

            "Look! I have the next!" cries Dingo.

            "It is perfect! We will eat them for dinner!" agrees Bingo.

            "Will it be enough fish for both of us?" asks Dingo.

            "It is true that we have only two now but you are a very good fisherman and you will catch two more. Do not worry," answers Bingo.

            "Maybe. I will try," says Dingo.

            They are sitting there for thirty minutes and they are waiting for a fish. Nothing happens...

            "Bingo! I can see a big fish there! Can you see it?" says Dingo.

            "Where? I can't see it," answers Bingo.

            "It is in the water! Maybe five meters from us!" says Dingo happily.

            "I can't see it," says Bingo.

            "Wait here! I will go for it," says excited Dingo.

            "Be careful!" cries Bingo.

            "I will be, my friend," answers Dingo.

            Dingo walks slowly into the river. He is afraid, of course. He can't swim.

            He does the first step, the second, the third ... and the fish moves quickly away from him and from the bank, deeper into the river. Dingo does three more steps ... oh no! He falls! He falls into the river!

            "Dingo!" cries Bingo.

            "Bingo, help me, please!" he cries and disappears under the water.

            "Wait, Dingo!" answers Bingo. Bingo can swim but Dingo is bigger than Bingo and so Bingo can't take Dingo from the water.

            What should I do now? he thinks and looks around the river and the bank. There is one big tree on the bank.

            Maybe I can push the tree to water and Dingo can catch the branch in the water. I will try! thinks Dingo and pushes the tree. The branch with leaves is in the river and Dingo is very near.


            "Dingo! There is a branch! Catch it!" cries Bingo.

            "I will try!" cries Dingo from the river. He is very near to the branch.  He catches leaves and then he catches the branch.

            "Dingo, perfect! Come, my friend!" cries Bingo from the bank.

            "I am going, Bingo," says Dingo.

            After a few minutes Dingo is on the bank. He is very tired but very happy.

            "Thank you, Bingo! You are my best friend!" says Dingo.

            "You are welcome, Dingo. And what about the fish?" asks Bingo?

            "My friend, I have it! We will eat it for dinner. Can you see how big it is?" asks Dingo and shows Bingo the fish.

            "Yeah. I can see. It is really big. You are very strong, my friend," says Bingo.

            "Dingo,  thank you very much!" repeats Dingo.


.... and they are sitting on the bank of the river and they are very happy they can eat their fish together ....


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