Give money to a beggar? Yes or no? The answer to this question is very complicated.

            My attitude is that I do not give money to beggars.  I am not saying it is right but I feel like that. It does not mean I do not feel with people who got to the bottom but I would rather help them differently than to give money to someone on the street.

            I agree with the view that giving money to children who ask for them is not good. It mostly ends up in their parents' hands who probably do not buy them any food or clothing but only drinks and cigarettes for themselves.

            I do not mean people live on the street because they want to. I believe that most of us would not let their terrible financial situation go so far.  I hope our intelligence would stop us. But I understand that some less intelligent or less emotionally strong people don't cope their difficult situation and don't know how to solve it the other way than begging.

            So, how do we help  such people? Maybe it can sound a bit idealistic from me but it is necessary to say again and again to these people where they can find help, how to solve their problems, etc.

            But I return to my attitude to give or not to give someone money on hand.

            I do not like giving  my  money for services I did not ask for. For example, cleaning windscreen of my car. I do not like my husband giving his money to women who come to the restaurants with flowers. If he wants to buy any flowers for me, he does it earlier and not under pressure of these saleswomen.

But I am not insensitiveJ

            I want to help poor and ill people, hungry and uneducated children ... But I want to do that my chosen way. So we financially support a small Bangladeshi boy at his school, sending our money through reliable companies such as ADRA  to ill people and, for example, also to people affected by floods.

                                                                                                                                          M. S.


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