My dear sister,


            I think that you can't guess what I am doing right now. I am listening the song you gave me on Saturday. I know you don´t love it at all but I like it a lot.

The song is techno and I hate when Mark is listening this type of music although I have loved this singer from the first time when I heard him. We were arriving from some trip in Teplice or somewhere there when they played it for the first time in the radio. I remember exactly how much we were surprised by this song. The singer is still singing there bla bla bla …. And all song is continuing in the same rythm and those words. But still it made me laughing when I heard it, Bla bla is not funny at all.

I have very interesting experience with this music. After the first listening, I was a little scared and upset nevertheless I would like to hear it again and again. I love it and use it as a calming media in stressful situations.

Therefore I played this singer last week and I felt very miserable when I realized I don't have the Bla bla bla song. Surely it was my mistake that I hadn't taken a CD with the song with me to Prague when I was for the last time at home. That is why I told it my sister immediately when I arrived home on Friday. Even though she, as usually, was very annoyed with my request, she found it in a minute.

And what should I do when I had finally my dream song? I played it a hundred times at once!

Thanks, my sister!