When I wrote an e-mail for the first time to unknown native speaker I was looking for some English teacher on a higher level than I was. At first I thought that it is incredible to find a suitable person for myself and my boyfriend. I received so many rejections I was disgusted by the search. Finally I found a woman who was convenient for both of us.

            Our first appointment was dated on one Friday morning. I was very nervous because it was very important. But when I saw her I ascertained myself she will match us perfectly. I think she was a little older than my mum – so maybe she was in her mid forties. Of course, she told me it on that first meeting but there was too much information  for me to be able to remember. She was neither tall nor small. I was persuaded that she was slim and looked quite pretty.

            Now I realised it is one of the most complicated things to describe somebody who told you so much information about herself or himself in such short time.

            Despite living in the small flat she was rather happy. She was still smiling and I knew it was a hearty smile. A lot of people smile every day but it is just only pretence. Therefore I supposed she was very often relaxing, for example: during her aerobic lessons, in the swimming pool or reading a book. It was a very long time since I had met somebody so relaxed, amusing and cheerful. That is why I was so delighted to find her.

Although I was often depressed feeling I was not doing enough to pass my exam I was looking forward to each lesson. I thought I had so much energy to do it in every lesson that I would surely passed. I hoped.

Unfortunately, the autumn went by and she persuaded me six weeks before the exam that I do not need to come there anymore. I really believed it and to my surprise my boyfriend brought home from the next lesson an invoice with inappropriately high amount to pay for lessons in advance. So I called her. It was really not a nice call. We argued a lot and we had to pay all the invoice and then after a month she stopped communicating with us and my boyfriend did not have a chance to attend all pre-paid lessons.

Nowadays I take this experience as a great disappointment from the woman who seemed so nice to us. And do you know what? She did not teach well - we both failed and I passed my exam a half year after I attended a course at language school. That is all to my bad experience with teachers. 


Test title
Disappointment B