As I said it was lunchtime, so we were allowed to spend one and half hour for eating some lunch and visiting The Cathedral. I thought it was enough time, but truly it wasnt. After fifteen-minute-long hesitation which restaurant choose we entered restaurant which my boyfriend had chosen. It was Indian or Arabic one. My first impression might have been too simplifying but it was so exorbitant! I was, for a while, afraid if I was not staring with my mouth opened. The room was full of Xmas stuff and it was shining and singing all the time. The waiter seated us right behind the window so I felt like an artificial model wearing some unimaginably expensive clothes which could be bought only by well-off. Nevertheless it was not the worst. The worst was they brought us an apperitive which we did not order. Perhaps it was just a tradition, or just good manners of the waiter but we did not know what to expect then on our bill. Luckily, it was silly to be afraid of that – it was at home and the meals were really delicious.

After gulping down our delicious meal, we joined our guide and set up on the way which was crisscrossing the centre. Modern museums received my total admiration! One of them was even built inside out. I never deemed it is even possible to create such a huge building in that manner but once more Paris impressively astonished me. This museum and the centre of cultural life was built as the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. As I later realized they recalled this event by means of building many other museums.

            Till late afternoon I was persuaded everything went totally well. We had seen museums, historical monuments and many other sights. Then we accepted an offer to purchase a trip by boat on Seine. My wave of optimism had melted by unmanageable children who were supposed to sit opposite to me running around. Expecting it was the only obstacle which we had had to overcome when we got off the boat. Our guide awaiting us we joined him in waiting for our bus. We were waiting for ten minutes, twenty, thirty ... finally after an hour it arrived. The traffic jam in the centre of Paris slowed us down. Tired from the very long day we had to stop to buy some groceries in a supermarket. Till that time we couldn’t know what a trouble it would finally be for us. Because of having an hour long delay, we were forced to buy everything in 30 minutes which was impracticable. We had to be so soon back because of our hotel which was expected to close its reception desk in 40 minutes. We were in our hotels in time after some imperfections of our shopping as nervousness, rush and exhaustion.

            And what about the rest of our day? Tired to death we ate and immediately after having a bath we dozed off.


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Paris II. B