In the office:

Jane: „Good morning, are you Mr. Johnson?“

Mr. Novak: „Good morning, I am Mr. Novak. Mr. Johnson is in the office.“

Jane: „Oh, I am sorry. Thank you.“

Mr. Novak: „You are welcome.“

Jane: „Good bye.“


Jane: „Good morning, Mr. Johnson. I am Jane Lyndon.“

Mr. Johnson: „Good morning, Mrs. Lyndon. Nice to meet you. This is my secretary Mrs. Kraft.“

Mrs. Kraft: „Good morning. Nice to meet you.“

Jane: „Nice to meet you, Mrs. Kraft.“


At school:

Jane: „Hello. What is your name?“

Nick: „Hi. My name is Nick. And what is your name?“

Jane: „I am Jane. How old are you?“

Nick: „I am twenty. And you?“

Jane: „I am nineteen years old. .... Oh, hi, Mark. How are you? Nice to see you.“

Mark: „Hi, Jane. I am fine. Who is it?“

Jane: „It is Nick. He is a new student.“

Mark: „Hi, Nick. Nice to meet you. Where are you from?“

Nick: „I am from Prague.“


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