Super Human


            From time to time we should stop for a while and ask ourselves if we do all our routine work because we want to or we are subconsciously forced to by our surrounding. We live in a globalised world and there rise up questions: Is it good to be globalised and so intensely influenced and is it really for our good? Aren’t we just puppets in the grand worldwide theatre? We had better think it deeply over before replying.

Each of us sometimes deems that he or she is imperfect, lacks sufficient education or is just behaving poorly. I considered these issues many times and I made a decision that it is caused mainly by the effect of globalisation. Frankly, we should admit that all over the world hardly exists anyone who has never asked himself or herself these stupidly pungent questions, such as: Why are there so huge numbers of colleagues at work who are brighter than I am? Why didn’t I receive this award? Why do my neighbours live in prettier houses, have faster cars and I am only a poor average member of this society?

According to my view, we are developing these troubles on our own. Influenced by the Internet and other means of globalisation we are forced to compare our own lives with people who live in totally different countries, under different conditions and circumstances and also in distinctive natural habitat. You ought to take into consideration that it is unavoidably incomparable. Nonetheless, we manage to do it day after day despite being terribly busy whole days. Such contrasts can evoke an impression of trying to be better than others, to be the best! To be the super human! But does there really exist the necessity to have whole nations full of super humans? I doubt that. In my opinion, we are acting on something what we subconsciously don’t want to. We play our roles in a huge system but nothing more. We are just pixels in the never-ending picture.

Globalisation is expected to have positive effects on us. Maybe there appear some from time to time but still I wonder if that is true. From my point of view, we have been all globalised too much recently. How, for God’s sake, can a boy living in central Africa compare his way of living with ours? It is ridiculous! I consider that as a huge danger to them. They are full of sweet dreams which can never be fulfilled. By taking such steps, the reality will soon destroy their children’s dreams, their tribal or national traditions and their thinking and the common sense. The worst of all – the globalisation is destroying the core of our HUMANITY!

So I would like to impress on you, my reader, to stop for a tiny moment and consider it all well, if it is really good for us to have dreams which will never come true, if our children really ought to see since their childhood how people live in developing or on contrary in the most modern countries. Maybe it can help. But still my deepest belief is in our indestructible humanity and originality in every nation, in every habit, in you! Stop comparing and, finally, till you have time, live your life!



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