The next morning was promising an unforgettable experience of spending the New Year’s Eve in the streets of Paris. Our day started with a tour round Paris and finally we were left in the most famous part - Montmartre. Our target was legendary and dreamy Sacré Coeur. I was very disappointed with our guide who was almost chasing us to get further for other sights. If we had listened to his narrating there, we would have had no photos of this marvellous place. We were like in a dream. Huge, overwhelming and breathtaking was the view of The Sacré-Coeur Basilica. Under my breath I was praying for someone stopping time at least for a while so that we could stay there longer – the best for good.

            Mona Lisa, Egyptian section and many others sections were waiting for us in the Louvre. Standing there in the yard I felt as if we could see them – Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette and battailous Napoleon. We went to wait in the looooooooooong queue but as I found out quickly and adjusted very easily, queues in Paris don’t take long time as in our home state. After forty minutes we were in. I heard in the bus all tourists wanted to see Mona Lisa, undoubtedly. I agreed with my boyfriend that it is not so much important for us and therefore we set on our way through the Egyptian section and Napoleon’s rooms. Did I mention to you we had free tickets? I really love that idea that students don’t have to pay an entrance fee in (some maybe all) museums in Paris. We just had to wait those long queues :)

            Finally, the promising evening had come. We spent our last dinner of the ending year 2010 in the restaurant having the most expensive dinner we have ever eaten. (Paris is very costly regarding food and drinks.) Around two hours before midnight we went under the Eiffel tower which was glimmering every whole hour with thousands maybe even millions small lights. It looked magnificently and brought into us this right atmosphere of such an  important night. What about the last minutes of the old year? We spent them in the middle of the totally crowded street of Champs-Élysées – the heart of Paris. Our guide promised us great fireworks which are supposed to be there every year but after all we were a little disappointed. There were none. That I find very funny because when we were going back through our loved home state we saw some small fireworks in Prostějov or Přerov in front of the supermarket. We had to laugh out loud – it was a hundred times bigger than in Paris :) After all I should admit that the guide told us they don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve so much as they celebrate anniversaries of the Revolution.

             The tour was great and if you want to get to know Paris and (maybe stroll a lot – we walked something like 30 kilometres in these 2 days) I really heartily recommend you to go there. I mean that every single trip, tour or vocation should have some sort of imperfections because if it doesn’t have, we won’t appreciate it enough after that.