Dear Sir or Madam,


Students are the head and the heart of every nation. This is a widely accepted and believed opinion which considers irreplacable role of students as our only chance for the future. Perhaps that is the main reason why I would like to persuade you so that the popular yearly meeting would be held in Prague, the heart of Europe.


            When I imagine commuting of several thousands students through the city, I fairly believe the situation could be managed without serious problems in our capital. This crowd of students may be transported with specially ordered buses within the city or for individual trips they would be surely able to use the public transportation, which should be strengthened during these days. I deem the price of transportation in both cases would be acceptable.


            Hardly would anyone be able to imagine such a huge crowd of people, nonetheless I reckon Prague can accomodate all of them without troubles. There exists a broadly spread net of students’ hostels, hotels or guest houses. In spite of this fact the students’ hostels could be inexpensive with reasonable comfort.


             Prague is indisputably the city of amusing nights which students can spend in tens or even hundreds of restaurants, pubs, inns and clubs. After that they can appreciate numberless places which are inseparably connected with our impressive history.


            Organizing such a great event could be also an irreplaceable experience for students living in Prague or in the Czech Republic. They could find new contacts among participants and that appears also as a unique opportunity to practise foreign languages which are so needed in recent times. Therefore I would really highly appreciate the oportunity, which you would give to Prague.


            Yours sincerely

            V. P.                                                                                                 10/10/2012





  1. How often is the meeting held?
    1. a month
    2. a year
    3. every two years
    4. every decade


  1. The capacity of transportation in Prague is ... .
    1. suitable
    2. unsuitable


  1. There exists just ... accomodation.
    1. a few
    2. a plenty of


  1. The accomodation would be .... .
    1. cheap
    2. costly


  1. Prague offers to everyone a huge variety of options how to spend his or her spare time.
    1. true
    2. false


  1. Metting in Prague would be ordinary experience.
    1. false
    2. true



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Annual meeting B