The first day


Paris.  Surely everyone has had to hear thousands of stories about this magnificent city. As I was facing the choice of spending the New Year's Eve in Prague as usual or in Paris I decided to take the risk of Paris. I must admit that this tour with a travel agency had some imperfections, but above all it was an overwhelming experience.


            The whole trip took three days including the journey through the Czech Republic, Germany and France. Our coach was a typical old double-decker, but still it was a huge experience to travel  on that bus.


            Midnight darkness was awaiting us in Paris in spite of the fact that we had arrived at 7 a.m. All the popular and famous sights were glittering and looked so perfect. The Louvre, The Invalidés and many many others were welcoming us in that awaking mood of totally clear and beautiful streets.

            Our bus left us in front of the Orsay Museum. This grand building used to be a railway station with 14 platforms. The guide led us along the bank of the river Seina to stop us on one small almost insignificant bridge. The only uniqueness of the bridge was that it was covered with small locks. Predictably, we were expecting the explanation which our guide after a while gave us. Everyone who loves Paris with all their heart leaves a lock here. At first I thought how childish and crazy this idea is – to put a lock there on this unremarkable bridge. Nevertheless, after a day which we spent rambling through the city I understood it perfectly. If I come there back once in the future, I will take a lock with me and put it right there on that bridge, because my heart stayed there as from many others.


            After passing through the third or the fourth church I found out I couldnt recall anything what our guide said. I listened really carefully, but it was all about churches and that all information was just mixed up in my head and I couldn't separate it. Despite that I still remembered the most important things. Feelings. Those extraordinary places passed their magic on me. You can really feel there as if history was just going through you.


            No one could tell he was in Paris unless he saw The Notre Dame Cathedral. Its magnificence was just spreading around us more than a half kilometre away while we were coming towards it. The guide was narrating and narrating but we were taking photos instead of listening. It was really worth it. It was lunchtime and there was cloudlessly clear blue sky with the Cathedral standing right beside us. How wonderful it was just staring at it. And I really stood and stared. It was amazing. It had never happened in my life before and it happened, surprisingly, four times in Paris. The first time I just stood and glared at Pantheon. I felt like its beauty tied me with tight ropes and I could not move, just take photos and take photos.

Questions - True X False

1. I have never spent New Year's Eve in Prague.

2. I was highly persuaded to spend New Year's Eve in Paris.

3. The tour was flawless.

4. The bus went through Germany.

5. Going with that bus wasn't particular experience.

6. We arrived at midnight to Paris.

7. It was deep dark at 7 am.

8. The streets were tidy.

9. We didn't have to get out of the bus in front of the Orsay Museum.

10. The Orsay Museum used to be a railway station with 15 platforms.

11. The locks put there on that bridge citizens of Paris.

12. After all, it (locks putting on the bridge) was a marvellous idea.

13. I lost the track of the guide's talking after passing the fifth sight.

14.I remembered every world of the guide's talking.

15. We could notice The Notre Dame Cathedral more than a half kilometre away.

16. When we got to The Notre Dame Cathedral, it was late afternoon.

17. It was the second time when I stood and glared.

18. We could do no photos of The Cathedral.


Test title
Paris I. A