In all probability, who, for gods sake, would take a six-year-old girl seriously with her widely spread dream-job as a teacher? A teacher of English? Maybe you should think it over again. Is it really implausible that she will not fulfil her dream and it will be even more than her job? Unsurprisingly, I was that small girl with childish dream which developed into sweet reality.


As a teenager I was enough self-confident about my English knowledge to have better than B all the time. What a shock was the cruel reality! I almost failed in the first year of the grammar school. English, about which I was ensured to know and understand with my basic school report. Suddenly I had perceived I knew nothing. Maybe you think – what a big deal, but it was. After weeping all afternoons at home and feared lessons at school I managed it. A year and a half of hard-working and I could understand at least some few rules. During that time I thought many times why it had to happen to me but now I know. Honestly, I have met the best teacher. She was so awfully strict and unpleasant due to mistakes which we had done but on the other hand she praised us a lot when we deserved it. Perhaps you wont believe it but I will never forget the time when she praised me for the first time. Amazingly, I was suddenly floating two metres above the ground.


            However, that best teacher in the world left in the spring for her maternity leave and believe it or not we (all the class) were totally annoyed and astonished by this great news. All the class, even though we thought that the lessons with her were like hell. We all missed her so much because we understood that was a unique opportunity to be led to the perfect knowledge of the language. Before she left us for good she advised us if anyone of us really wanted to learn English, we ought to have started going to a language school. And so I did.


            Ever since I have met tens and maybe hundreds of teachers, good ones and even bad ones, but I will never forget her. She changed my mind about my future occupation.


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