Rob Reiner, an American director, chose Misery as a screenplay for his new film in 1990 which changed the history of modern horrors. Misery was based on a bestselling novel written by Stephen King who is popular for his thrilling, compelling and mysterious stories.


 Misery mustnt die!

The main hero is Paul Sheldon who works as a writer of romantic novels. Despite having written his favourite Misery saga, he dreamt of writing a new nonromantic novel which would describe the life of a thief. Finally, he managed to do that. Being satisfied with himself, he drove his car home during one snow-stormy night. Unfortunately, he drove the car into a tree and fell into unconsciousness. However, it seemed from the beginning he was very lucky. A middle-aged woman, Annie Wilkes, who is, evidently, his biggest fan found him lying wounded in the woods near to her house. So you can imagine the shock when he woke up lying in her bed instead of being at hospital. This is just the beginning of the Paul Sheldon’s biggest nightmare!


Annie, Paul and Misery

James Caan who was starring as Paul fulfilled the expectations of a shy, afraid and desperate man who is trying to „run away“ on his shattered legs, far away from the reach of dear Annie Wilkes who was acted by Kathy Bates. And Misery? Misery is an immortal beauty from his books and Annie’s pig – what a paradox!


Annies madhouse

The film brought a new dimension of psychological  horror where Annie forces Paul to write a new book about Misery’s resurrection, Misery whom he killed in the last chapter. Annie is a bright example of a schizophrenic who knows how to injure and torture a person along with keeping him or her alive. Therefore it is almost hypnotic, compelling and a lot shocking story. These features make the film one of the most astonishing and breathtaking movies which has ever been filmed.



In my opinion, the film is really worth seeing, nevertheless the book is much better. The film did not include the very last scene which would surely make you scream!  If you are a fan of horror movies, you should not miss.



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