My favourite book


            When I was just only fifteen years old I had a lot of free time and the most I enjoyed reading historic books. However, the older I was the less time I spent reading.


             My favourite book was definitely a story about a magician called Balsamo. It was a series of six very thick books written by Alexandr Dumas. I must admit I perhaps fell in love with this magician at that time. I remember one particular scene very well - he was visiting Paris when he fell in love very deeply. His love was a nun, I think. So as the first step he had to kidnap her. After that, he tried to force her to love him. From the beginning he was very unsuccessful but finally he made her love him. She was very pretty and after a terribly long fight she was his.


             But Balsamo wasn't living alone. Excluding his love he had lived for ages with another very old magician. He was like his father who was more than three hundred years old. Of course, they were both immortal. Once in a century they had to drink a special drink which made them immortal and invulnerable. Unfortunately, that year was the year when his father was looking for his immortal drink. He prepared it from herbs and other components .. but as the last ingredient he had to pour some virgin blood into the drink. Life wasn't easy for the old magician. At that time he couldn't find any family in Paris which would be willing to sell him one of their daughters (virgins). He wanted to kidnap some but was terribly unsuccessful. His life started counting down minute after minute and he still couldn't find any virgin.


             In the end he had an evil idea! This other magician - Balsamo (our main hero) has his other half (druhá polovička) and because he knew she didn't want to be with him he was persuaded she hadn't made love with him yet. But he was wrong! Finally, he really killed her and started drinking his immortal drink when Balsamo came in and saw everything. He was hurt by her death very deeply. He loved her very much and she was his light in the dark life's tunnel. And now she was gone. After a while when he realised why the old magician had done it, Balsamo started laughing out loud. Such a fool was the old magician! He didn't know that she hadn't been a virgin anymore and so he killed her for nothing!!! Such a fool!


            The old magician died on the floor next to the former nun and Balsamo was alone again.


What is the name of the main hero?
Who was Balsamo´s love?
How old was Balsamo?
How could they prepare the immortal drink?
What happened when the old magician killed Balsamo´s girl?
Was Balsamo happy at the end of the story?


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