Fashion. A word which means plenty of concerns for women. Why do we have to be slaves of fashion? I would be delighted to admit I don’t know and I don’t care. But I would lie to you. I have no need to have my drawer full of the latest gowns nevertheless I hate wearing old-fashioned or worn clothes.


 On the contrary you can see from time to time girls who are not keen on their looks. The majority of those girls were brought up by their grandparents therefore they don’t feel bad in coats which is only worn by my grandmother. Not long ago during a lecture, I noticed one of them – a twenty-year-old woman with a plain dress wearing a check apron which used to be a suitable accessory in 1930s perhaps. Unfortunately those girls are also careless about their appearance and so, unsurprisingly, the girl had no make-up on and from a big distance I could distinguish a tiny moustache. In spite of feeling a little revulsion to the girl, I felt huge sorrow and understood because she was innocent. Destiny is guilty for her ignorance of casual and formal clothing. I don’t reckon to tell it is a sin to get dressed in old-fashioned gowns. Perhaps I just exaggerated the current situation.


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