Nowadays audience can feel sometimes boredom from watching still the same types of films – American action films, French comedies or British dramas. They can feel as if something was missing on the big screen. That is definitely true. We are searching for unknown and unused scenes we can possibly find in Japanese and Chinese films which have already started to be available for European inhabitants.


            Re-cycle is, unsurprisingly, that type of the film. First of all when you watch a few minutes you might think it is just another „peerless“ horror. However, it is unique in the combination of similar genres as horror, psycho drama and thriller.


            As the authoress of many bestsellers started writing her new book, she unexpectedly opened the gate to the world of Re-cycle. It is the underworld where every human being leaves what they do not need anymore. It sounds morbid but there exist dead bodies, unborn children who are born in this world, ghosts and much more.


            Fans of directors Chun and Pang, who filmed this great horror, will not surely feel any disappointment. In spite of looking like an unbearably cruel film, it carries a very romantic message and is filling the gap in the European film market.



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