Dexter                                                                                                                  5th August 2016

            From time to time every teenager looks for a new TV series to watch. Many years ago I had the same idea. That summer I saw a spot for popular American series called Dexter. Just watching the spot it was obvious to me the series is about a serial killer. "Where is the world  actually heading if such series are filmed?!" I thought. However, my curiosity was stronger, much stronger than my contempt. So short time afterwards I watched two parts of the fourth season and immediately was impressed. "What leads him to do that?", "Is he actually also trying to be good?" and more similar questions appeared on my mind.

            In fact, Dexter is a serial killer whose step father saw a few dubious hints during the boy's childhood, and tried to help him somehow in the way which could seem to most of us totally unacceptable – to vent his inner evil. Nevertheless, the older the boy was, the more troubles appeared, and killing a few dogs seemed, after short period, definitely insufficient to quench his thirst for blood. Harry, the step father, was a detective, and very respected one for his entire successful career. Hardly could we imagine hopelessness and despair he surely felt supporting Dexter to kill, instead of the plain option to watch his adopted son being sentenced to death on an electric chair. Losing one of his best partners ever, he made up his mind for one of the hardest decisions in the lifetime - to expose to Dexter the secrets how to aid our world to be disposed of other killers who just “fall through the holey net of justice and its system”.

            “Tonight is The Night” the life motto resounding in his head each time he goes hunting. His rituals, the kill room, his tools – all the things are ready as toys and awaiting him. Being obsessed with his determination, he lives ordinary life only as pretence and each day wears a guise to show others how normal he actually is. As a result of hard training, his behaviour seems extremely fruitful – not even his own stepsister is able to distinguish the guise from the reality. Getting deeper and deeper to his dark side, he forgets to be alert, and step by step loses his sharp senses. Or perhaps he just finally learnt how to be normal – to get married to a beautiful woman, to raise a family, to be a reliable brother and also an eager beaver.

            The whole idea of Dexter emerged in the head of Jeff Lindsay whose first book was practically copied by scriptwriters in the first season. Nonetheless, the other ones deflect us completely to the unique world of scriptwriters. On the other hand, then true supporters can get Dexter twice – watching TV and reading the books. In comparison with the books, the series is more gripping, fascinating and spine-chilling, but especially not as cruel, heartless and unscrupulous as the books are, in fact.


            Watching the series makes you reconsider prejudices, you could have at the first sight. I felt like even opening my eyes and deeply speculating if we do not come to decisions too fast and if we oughtn’t to wonder more about such obvious results. Going blindly further can be the way to …


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