The problem called obesity


All around the world people fight or at least try to fight with obesity. Each of us knows a dozen of people with similar problems, and I believe we can divide these friends, colleagues or acquaintances into two groups. The first consists of people who try to do something against it, and the second just pretend to do something or even have already given up.


One or two years ago I saw a documentary about a woman whose original weight was around 200 kilos. I know it is difficult to say if it is really too much - it especially depends on person's height, but she seemed really a little bit extremely fat. Her problem was connected to the family history, nevertheless, I can't remember if there had been any family tragedy or if it were just the result of her upbringing. Nonetheless, she was very obese and decided to do something with that at the moment when she had almost died of her serious health problems. So she finally made up her mind and underwent an operation which made her stomach smaller. The operation was successful and she actually stopped putting on weight. During a year or two she lost over 100 kilos and looked much better. Although it was not the end of her suffering, it was actually the beginning because she needed to undergo several complicated operations which should have removed unnecessary skin of her arms, legs and belly (at least that is all I remember. The first operation passed off perfectly, but the aftereffects of the second were worse. Her legs did not want to heal. She had to undergo another operation, and afterwards her thighs have been scarred for the rest of her life. Despite the fact her thighs were such a huge problem she flew from America to Great Britain for consultancy with real professional doctors in the area of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, they also refused to adjust her breasts, which should have been the last needed operation.  


Desperate, she returned home. The documentary ended by the scene as she, her little son and her mother were all sitting at the dining table and were having dinner – 3 small peas that is what she ate and then sighed and admitted she was full. Wow! Can you imagine that? Only 3 pieces? But there was another thing which made me sick of her – she had never thought or talked about her little adopted son. She risked her life and did not care who would take care of him. Selfishness of some people is really never-ending.


The truth is that more and more I start to believe nature can and will take care of it. Once I have seen a movie about the Yellowstone National Park where was described a tragedy which happened there. The park got on fire, which was spreading extremely fast. The keepers considered both options – to put out the fire, or to let it on nature itself. Both possibilities were really hard ones so they agreed to divide it – they extinguished one part and the other they did not. The result of the experiment was amazing – after only 4 years you would not recognise the place which was destroyed by the fire – and the most shocking part of the story is – that was the part of the park they did not extinguish! The part into which they intervened recovered after 10 years. (I am sorry if I mentioned the wrong years here, but I only remember it was the big difference and a shocking one).


So what can I say? Remember, going for an operation is absolutely the very last option and should not be the first one. All our lives are difficult so, of course, even losing our weight has to be also. But do not give up! Try to eat less, do some more exercise and the future is to be sunlit.



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