The originality and uniqueness is more and more complicated to be found in a movie in the current world overfilled with thrillers, horrors, detective stories and many others. Moreover, watching the movie casted with the same actors can make our taste a little bit bitter. Therefore, the real work of a movie maker is grounded more in the search for something unexpected, gripping and in this sort of films also spine-chilling. That job is definitely not an easy one, and that is also the reason, why viewers are so astonished and pleased to find one like that. The movie called “Number 23“ fulfils all their deepest desires bringing much more and surpassing expectations entirely.


Nevertheless, casting Jim Carrey as the main star surprised me a lot. Jim Carrey is a totally amazing actor associated with comedies rather than thrillers. In contrast to his admirable entertaining talent his performance of Walter Sparrow was outstanding and totally flawless. His abilities to create such a thrilling, unsettling and spine-chilling setting were breathtaking. He deserves deep admiration for this role.


The story starts with a normal day in the life of Walter Sparrow. Walking past a bookshop, he noticed a book, or actually only a notebook, called Number 23. Whilst waiting for his wife, he started reading and got more and more excited. The book is filled with the description of a man's life and his connection to the cursed number 23. Seeing it everywhere his defenceless feeling of having no possibility to rule his own life is pulling him down to a darker side. Walter Sparrow is keen on reading, and each page he turns he can feel the similarity of the book with his own life. The number is everywhere – in his birthdate, in the date of his wedding day, at the place they are living – endlessly desperate feeling overwhelms him. His wife and his son completely misunderstand him, and he is getting more and more separated from them with each turned page. The story of the book is full of violence and desperation, which Walter is falling into.



Actually, I don't want to spoil the movie for you, so I will reveal nothing more. The story accomplishing all your deepest expectations of pure obsession and madness isn't surely to disappoint you and is waiting for your free evening...



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