The way is long and they are very hungry before they come to the place where Dingo's parents live.   

            "Dingo!" calls Dingo's mum and runs to him. She is very happy to have her son again at home. "Dingo! What happened? We were very afraid! We sent Hilly to look for you and he did not come for three days home so we were afraid that something bad happened also to him! I am so happy you are here! ... Wait a second! What is it?" she asks shocked and looks angrily at Bingo.

            "The dog? Do you want us to eat you, little puppy? asks Mum in unfriendly way.

            Bingo starts running away. He is again very afraid. They are so big! "Help! Help me, Dingo!"  calls Bingo unhappily.

            "Bingo! Wait! No! Mum? He is my friend!" calls Dingo.

            "Your friend? In which world does the dinosaur need the friendship with a dog?" asks Mum and she starts to run after Bingo.

            "Mum!? He saved my life! He is the hero!" calls Dingo and is running after her.

            Mum stops. "What? The hero? How could the small puppy save life to my big son?" asks Mum Dingo.

            "I fell into the river and I almost died. He pushed me the branch from the bank and I caught it. He is hero! And my best friend, Mum!" calls Dingo.

            "Ok. If it really happened as you say, he is a real hero. Ok, he can be your friend," says Mum.

            "Thanks, Mum," says Dingo happily.

            "But where is he?" asks Mum.

            "He ran to the wood, Mum. You scared him really a lot!" says Hilly.

            "We have to find him. He is my friend and he is very hungry," says Dingo and walks into the wood.

            "Ok, I will prepare something to eat," says Mum.

            "Mum? You scared him to death. You should help us," says Dingo.

            "What? Are you sure? I am Mum and I will not and do not want to look for a puppy," says Mum.

            "Oh Mum! But you scared him! You should help us," says Dingo unhappily.

            "Ok, I am going," says Mum.


                                                                       ... and three of them are going to the deep wood.  But dinosaurs do not have so good sense of smell and Bingo is hiding. He is really very scared ....