"Dingo! Run! It is a big danger!" calls Bingo behind him.

            "Bingo, no! Stop, please! Do not be afraid!" calls Dingo.

            Bingo stops for a while when he is on the hill. He looks down the hill. It looks that Dingo is not afraid at all. Maybe he even knows the monster.

            "Dingo, what is it?" calls Bingo.

            "Bingo, come! It is my brother. Come to us!" calls Dingo.

            "What? Really? But ..." he is coming very slowly down the hill and does not know what to think about it.

            "Bingo, this is my brother Hilly," says Dingo to Bingo.

            "Nice to meet you," says Hilly loudly. Bingo is very scared of him.

            "Nice to meet you, too," says Bingo quietly.

            "Do not be afraid, my friend. I am just big but I will do not hurt a friend of my brother," smiles Hilly.

            "Ok. I didn't know that Dingo's brother is so big!" says Bingo.

            "Sorry, Bingo, I didn't tell you," says Dingo.

            "So, where were you, Dingo? I was looking for you two or three days," says Hilly.

            "I lost in the wood and I met Bingo at the bridge across the river. We saw fish there and so we played there," says Dingo.

            "Really? And did you catch anything?" asks Hilly.

            "No, or maybe we did. I fell into the water and Bingo saved my life. He pushed the branch to the water and I caught it," says Dingo.

            "Oh! That had to be terrible, Dingo! Bingo, you are hero! You saved my brother! Thank you very much,"  says Hilly.

            "I just helped my friend," says Bingo.

            "No! You are a real hero, Bingo," says Dingo.

            "So... if you think ...,"says Bingo.

            "Are you two hungry?" asks Hilly.

            "Of course! We are in this wood all day and we have nothing to eat with us," says Dingo.

            "So come home, Dingo," smiles Hilly.

            "Are we so near? I thought we are far away," says Dingo excitedly.

            "Yes, we are. Mum will be very happy to see you home. She was very afraid," says Hilly.

            "I am sorry. I lost and could not find way home," says Dingo sadly.

            "I know, my little brother," says Hilly.

            "Ok, let's go home," says Dingo happily and starts walking after his brother.

            "And what will be with me?" asks Bingo quietly.

            "Bingo? Come with us! Why are you standing there? You are my best friend and you saved my life! You are a real hero for me and for my family! My father will be very happy to meet you," says Dingo.

            "I don't know ...," says Bingo.

            "What is the problem?" asks Dingo.

            "I am afraid," says Bingo quietly.

            "What are you afraid of?" asks Dingo.

            "When your brother is so big, isn't your father also so big?" asks Bingo.

            "Yes, of course. My father is the biggest one in these woods. Do not worry, Bingo. My father will be very happy and he will never hurt my friend. My best friend!" says Dingo.

            "Come on, Bingo, you are hero!" says Hilly happily.

            "Ok, friends, I am going with you..." says Bingo finally.


                                                ... and so they are coming down the hill to the beautiful valley ...