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One of the biggest hits throughout last years is "Slevomat", "Slever" and many, many other web pages offering goods, service and travelling for sometimes even suspiciously low prices. As any other I joined also this mania and started purchasing things. At first just some easy ones like cosmetics, a cheap mp3 player, clothes and after some time we tried also travelling vouchers.


The first trip was to Šumperk. The price was extremely low but we were still students and did not want to spend too much so we were prepared for (almost) everything. Our weekend holiday started on castles in the surrounding and weather was pleasantly warm. The hotel or the boarding house (I cannot remember) was near the square and looked comfortably. The room was a little bit old-fashioned furnished and there appeared a few problems but for that price ... we survived that :) Our voucher included also a half-board in the restaurant which belonged to the hotel/the boarding house but I should admit I did not definitely expected such delicious meals! Really! It was one of the best restaurants I have ever visited. Even though we were during Saturday somewhere for the trip, we returned to the restaurant for lunch. The quality surprised me pleasantly... So what to say more - all the weekend was very very very nice and we were satisfied.


The second voucher was bought to the hotel in Čeladná. The hotel was very luxurious, meals were delicious, only weather could be better - it was raining all the weekend.


Welcome to Harrachov


The third and currently the last voucher bought my sister for us as a wedding present. The weekend in Harrachov. We wanted to visit this part of Bohemia really a lot and from Prague the distance is not so immense. So in the middle of June I booked our room there. Maybe it should have been the first warning to me - the woman told at first that they were fully booked (which scared me because we could not go there any other weekend) and then said that she found a room for us. So we agreed.


That day in August we set out our way rather late because of the lack of my husband's holiday therefore we arrived to the hotel something after 6 pm. The receptionist tried to explain us the way to our room but, unfortunately, only tried. The way was so extremely complicated that we got lost and found our room after 25 minutes searching! Really. The hotel consisted of two buildings and they were quite illogically connected in the third floor instead of the ground floor. Our room was much smaller than it seemed from the leaflets and the bathroom, too. We like skiing and we were thinking of spending our holiday in Krkonoše but definitely not in that hotel! Everyone who skies sometimes knows that the skiing overall needs a lot of place for drying and there was none! There was only a big double-bed and that was all. But actually we came there only for the weekend so I decided not to solve this problem. The weather was starting to get cold but it was still sunny all day so why to stay only inside then?


It was nearly 7 pm when we got to the wellness centre to book massages. But what a surprise! Everything booked till Sunday evening. The man sent us to the reception desk to choose some compensation. But before going there we went to the restaurant for supper. The buffet was almost empty except one kind of meat and maybe two kinds of potatoes and cabbage. That was all! Believe it or not - it was not tasty at all. Then I started to see red a little bit. We reached the reception desk and told everything what happened to us during a 90-minute-long staying in their hotel. He was sorry, of course, but did it help? No. Finally, we spoke to the manager and after compensation which suited both sides, we decided to stay outside of the hotel the most we could.


The rest of our weekend was nice and interesting. The city is beautiful but I would never ever book a room in that hotel again. The most funny experience I had the last day preparing our car for journey back to Prague - I heard a German speaking happily to her friends or family about the hotel and her staying - everything is so nice, people are friendly and meal is very delicious :D Very funny, indeed.


11th December 2013


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