Festivals, celebrations and parties are events which are positively uprooting us from our daily lives and stereotypes.


Halloween surely belongs to the one of the most famous and popular festive in America and many other countries and surely at least partly also in the Czech Republic. Children learn about it at school and, even in kindergartens, and perhaps the reason is desire of mothers to make their children cheerful and happy all the time.


Pumpkins, candies, candles and "trick-or-threat" belongs undoubtedly to this festival. Nevertheless, is it a good idea at all to celebrate a festive in the Czech Republic which does not have here its origins? Conservatives would insist the nations should celebrate only festivals which are connected with their custom. Partly they would be right - why to celebrate here, for example, the American Independence Day? We have our own holidays of establishing our republic. However, we should be aware festivals slowly developing and changing - because of globalisation people can celebrate their own festive and also festive of their foreign friends. I mean it is quite exciting for children to have another opportunity for preparing decorations and for a lot of fun.


In my opinion, people should try to spend more time together and it does not actually matter if it is due to Christmas, Valentine's Day or Halloween. Getting together is the thing we commonly forget and this is the reason why I prefer celebrating every holiday - to find treasured time to spend with your nearest and dearest ones.



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