Mobile phone


What is actually a mobile phone for us? Definitely something which current world cannot imagine existing one single day without. Such an incredibly useful invention. I can remember my first one. I was at the 8th class at primary school and I had my names day. My daddy had already had his first own and I had no idea that I was going to be next. My daddy was every time a big fan of new inventions and liked having some of them at home. So when he appeared in doors with a bag named "Twister" I expected that he was there only for a catalogue or something else. You can imagine my surprise when I really found a small box underneath the Reebook cardigan (which used to be given to every new client as a gift in those times).


I mean everyone has surely very similar memories of the first mobile phone. And why not? It was cool. It was a hit and companies tried to sell the most they could. Thinking about the meaning of having a mobile phone in those years and now brings me to the point that we absolutely made from mobile phones something more. Something much more. Nowadays we are not able to imagine one single day without it. And what if your one is not charged? Tragedy! Comparing technical abilities of phones 13 years down the line with the current super models we can see that even though we surely make batteries of higher quality, they can make only a day! Maximum two if you are lucky.


We are able to use it as a camera, a camcorder, a GPS navigator but also, receiving e-mails, listening to music, watching video clips, organising your daily schedule, studying, playing games, looking for the Internet support on roads, dictionaries, reading books, listening to the radio, chatting on Facebook, Twitter or at other social networks and .... perhaps the last think is real calling and writing messages which was the original purpose of its development (at least I think so). Buying your new mobile phone we do think about purchasing something much more than just a thing used for calling. Of course, that it has to have all basic necessities but there is much more important design, size, weight and all applications which can mobile phones offer.


13 years earlier I was amazed only by possibility to call, all teenagers killed time sending messages and their parents saw red getting the phone bill. "Hot numbers" of chosen people from your list and playing basic games that was all you could get from that mobile phone - and we were so happy! Learning how to operate took everyone some time but I am persuaded recently it is much worse (and still we do not use even 50% of basic applications preinstalled to our mobile phones).


One question should be asked - where is it going? What will be mobile phones able to do in 5 years? In 10 years? In other 13 years? It is even scary just to think about it ... using GPS systems we are starting to be watched everywhere - our every single step, the system wants to know everything possible about users ... But that all is a different question.


A mobile phone is a mobile phone and even if other gadgets are trying to become replacements of mobile phones they will stay. It just depends in which form.



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