From time to time everyone dreams of winning some huge amount of money. If only I won the lottery, I would buy a new TV, a new car, a new house ... and so on. Hitting the jackpot sounds so well that a plenty of people go to bet weekly and some even daily. It is no surprise the companies which are involved in leading this business earn so much money. Maybe it is actually more surprising when some of them go bankrupt - yeah, that is weird. The probability of winning lottery is so low and still we go and bet once in a blue moon.


            One of the greatest jackpots (maybe the greatest ever) was hit last week in the Czech republic. I think something about 400 millions Kč. What would you do with that money? Some would perhaps fill their swimming pool with them and jump into ... but I mean the huge amount of money = fear and responsibility. Everyone dreams of that but what would really happen afterwards? I have seen lately an article about a man (not from Europe) winning jackpot and after a week he met his soul mate and love at first sight! What a coincidence!? Is it even probable? Or is it only just another "gold-digger"? If you had seen the picture, you would have believed the second. So what actually can it bring us? Envy from the friends and family (even though you give them a few millions for Christmas there will be still someone thinking that you gave just a little in comparison what remains to you), perhaps the problem where to hide your money - banks? What will they do with my money? Maybe there will appear someone in the bank pretending being me and withdraw the most he can carry. Or to keep money sewed in my bed? Maybe neither of these ideas is efficient enough to be used. With money comes envy and people around you can get mean and cruel to you. So I expect if the winner is thinking about it just a little he can come to the same solution as I did - not to tell anyone. But what is it winning actually for then if I cannot share joy and a part of the money with my nearest and dearest ones? That is the question. Building a new house can make people thinking ... going more than twice a year on holiday abroad can also get people at work thinking ... so is it really worth it? All the rest of our lives we would be scared that someone will steal us those money or highly likely someone will cheat on us trying to get from us the most he can. Yeah, that sounds like really difficult thinking for the winner.


            Charity can be very elegant solution for money but to find really suitable charity organisation where you could be sure you support actual aim of your sponsorship seems to me as a long-time searching.  On the other hand it is worth it. Every winner of a huge jackpot should give at least a part as a sponsorship from the reason - what else will outlives us if not our descendants and our acts?


            So we should really start to appreciate everything we have and not to bother with thoughts like: "what would be , if ...". So just enjoy your life :)


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