At the same time the prisoner numbered 9 673 is sitting in his cell. Shaggy but sturdy man who would look like a 17-year-old kid if he shaved and dressed better. In fact, he is twenty-five. He is wearing his old and too much used prisoner's clothes which is as dirty as his soul is. He does not care about the storm. Even if he wanted to watch flashes, they would not let him. After so many years spent in his cell people would believe that rage would leave him but it did not. Not him. Ten years passed like one year. So it seemed to him. So fast the time went by. He was sad and he was thinking when it everything began thirteen years ago ...

            Disturbed from his thinking he looked around. There was rustling sound coming from the corner. Whoever else would jump and run away as fast as he could but he would not. There was nothing left for him to be afraid of. Everything the worst which could happen had already happened to him. But he could not help himself not to look to the corner. There in the shadows and poor light of the flash saw his best friend Xea. Xea was a huge snake. Perhaps she was even immortal because she had been with him for so many years ... actually she appeared when it everything started that fateful day ...

            It was a sunny morning. He got up and when to the kitchen to eat his breakfast.

            "Good morning, Kevin," greeted him Patrick. Patrick was my older brother and that sunny morning he was celebrating his 16th birthday. We planned with Dominic (also my older brother, in those times 18 years of age) totally perfect birthday party.

            Suddenly the telephone started to ring. "It is surely for me!" shouted Patrick at us and jumped to answer it. He expected Jane's call. That is right - they were calling to each other all the time but this time there was somebody else on the phone.

            "... I regret to inform you that your parents committed suicide..."

            "What?! No!!!" screamed Patrick and hung up the phone.

            "What happened? What is wrong?" I asked even though we both had heard conversation.

            "That had to be a mistake. It is not possible. It is just not!" said Patrick trying to calm us down.

            That was the worst day of his life. Perhaps. Thanks to Dominic (who was already 18) we could stay in his custody. That was the only positive thing which happened to us during that gloomy months - we were not split and we could stay together.

            I should not forget another very strange thing which happened that day. In front of our house, on our doormat a box appeared. Perhaps it was a box of shoes or it at least looked like that. When we opened the box, we were quite shocked but not afraid. There lay two small creatures on the bottom. Two very dangerous and poisonous creatures - a snake and a spider. That spider was and perhaps still is one of the most poisonous animals in the world but I was never really afraid of him. Maybe it was caused by our big shock of the loss of our parents. I do not know but I took them both to my hands (they were so small) and smiled at them. Everyone in the world would scream and shout and be afraid and surely run away but we loved them. They became our pets. The spider was named Ajdi and the snake Xea.

            Since then they did not move away from us for no more than an inch. When somebody wanted to go out, Ajdí or Xea had to go also.

            And the life went on. We did not live happily but we were satisfied till someone remembered that day and that moment when we heard about that terrible news ...