Dear sister,


            I have a little time so I have decided to write you just shortly about what happened during last days.

            On Friday I arrived to Prague as you know. I was going there by train as usually. I thought that the way will be without any problems but it was quite a mistake. When I sat at my seat, I noticed two middle-aged women. They were talking really loudly. You know that for problems like that I have still with me my mobile phone with earphones – so I, of course, put them on. But unfortunately they were talking so loudly I could hear them all the time when I had my earphones on. I had told you that I wanted to study in the train but because of them I really couldn't. I was terribly angry, however, the most of other people behaved like they did not mind the noise! I thought that just only teenagers are able to talk so loudly. These two women weren't definitely teenagers. In spite of the fact that they were fifty (I suppose) they were wearing quite modern clothes, which by the way did not suit them. Even though they were very self-confident thinking they were so much pretty.


During this writing I remembered on the last summer when we both were in the aqua park with friends while we saw a sixty-year-old woman wearing the most modern swimming-suit which I have ever seen. Although this swimming-suit had to be really expensive it did not suit her at all. It was terrible to see her wearing it on her bony body. Do you remember it? I think that you cannot forget that. I supposed that after that you told me something like you do not want to live to such state like that. One of my friends even once told me he wants to live to be forty and then he wants to die. For him it is incredible to live until his retirement. I think that he does not have to be worry because I think none of us will live till retirement when our government is still moving with limits of going to the retirement.


Through the time when I am in Prague I do not have time for anything. For example, yesterday we were doing shopping. We wanted to buy normal things some fruit, salami and something for our dinner. I know that it sounds easy but it was not easy at all! In the shops I realised that I need much more things than I thought before. I needed to buy some special cable for connecting my notebook with the Internet at my student's hostel. Unfortunately, there was only a three-metre-long cable which was too short. We wanted to find some longer but it was not in that shop.


Last days weren't for me easy at all! I hope that in the next days I will have time to write you more frequently. I am very looking forward to your answer.


Yours sincerely