It is long time ago when my dad played on our DVD-player the film named Saw. He claimed it is some new, exciting horror. From the first second of this film I couldn´t move or look away. It hypnotized me so much I almost couldn't close my eyes.


            It began in an appalling-looking old, unordered bathroom. Two men were lying in deep unconsciousness in the corners of a criminal venue. The man with bleeding head, maybe shot by some gun, was lying on his belly in an odd position in the middle. Waking up they were terribly shocked and staggered by seeing this murdered man in front of them. Although they just woke up, they realised the truth, their nightmares had already started to fulfil. They were chained to the corners of the room therefore they couldn't move and walk across the room. One of them was able to touch murdered-man's hand in which he was still holding a gun and cassette player. He took both. Suddenly the cassette player started playing. Old-man's voice began explaining them their new rules of game. Looking terrified at each other the voice continued explaining that one of them has to kill the other. So easy even though incredible and unimaginable to be done. But it was their new, inevitable fate if at least one of them wanted to survive. The voice persuaded them that there is really no other way to get out of the room. After the cassette stopped, their time started counting down. They had only one hour.


            This accomplished film started the series of Jigsaw and his just games. Jigsaw, which is his nickname, was old sixty-year-old man with brain cancer who wanted to force every criminal to start a new life without rubbing, smuggling, raping and bribing. You can imagine that you have to make everybody by some kind of force to do it. If anybody commit a crime, he will do it probably again and again until he is buried as already perishing. That is why there is just one possible way – to torture them. Jigsaw made terribly perfect killing machines which could torture anybody to death or if the person fulfilled successfully their task to let them go. The task is accurately described on the cassette and endeavouring to pass them looks like never-ending pain.


            If you like a lot horrific, spooky movies full of blood and torturing, you should see this interminable story of Jigsaw's games. Nowadays in cinemas there is being introduced the next part and people who watched it can surely tell there will be filmed at least one another part which will resolve all bewildering, unexplained plots.