28th October 2008


            I got up at seven am because I had to go to school as usually on Monday morning. On our first practise we were learning how to recognise exactly sedimentary stones. It was uneasy for us even though we liked it more than volcanic stones. In the end of the lesson all my classmates sighed loudly being so scared of the coming day and our exam where we should recognise lots of stones and classify them correctly. I passed the same exam last year but I had to do it here again. Although I knew it perfectly last winter I forgot everything during last half of year.

At school we have a lot of practice and lectures with long breaks among them – sometimes more than even two hours! It is terrible for us. In the building, where we are staying the most of time, there is no extra place for students to wait. Despite the fact that there are some small seats next to the coffee machine we don't sit there because of extreme cold in this hall. So students who live in Prague or in Prague's surroundings have to go home and students who stay at students' hostels can go to their rooms. When I was in Prague for the first time, I was staggered by the fact that wherever you come, drive or walk you are still in Prague almost in its centre. Therefore you can imagine how much it is impossible and stupid to go home from school for just only two hours when you know that way to your house lasts you almost one hour or more. I remember when I was studying in Ostrava I had exactly the same problem. Whenever I wanted to travel home during some long break I knew the way home takes me at least ninety minutes. That is why I am so happy that my students' hostel is almost three minutes by tram distant from my school. I realised there can't be any students' hostel nearer than mine.

After the practise I went to some shop to buy new shoes. I meet the shop every morning on the Charles' square so I decided to try it there. At the first sight it looked rather cheaply but there weren't any suitable shoes or they were too expensive for the shoes like that. Finally, I went to do the shopping into the supermarket but unfortunately a shop assistant persuaded me that I have broken my payment card so I had to pay it in cash which was exactly what I didn't want to do at all. I was staggered by my broken payment card therefore I tried it in one ATM and it worked as usually. I was overjoyed and made a decision not to go into that supermarket any more. In fact it wasn't my first complication with them. Last week I went shopping when I had to wait in a queue of four persons for almost forty minutes because a shop assistant had some problem. Two days later I wanted to buy only some apples and oranges and that is why I deemed the shopping will take me just a few minutes. I was wrong again. As soon as I was at a counter a shop assistant noticed my oranges did not have some code which she needed. So she stood up and went away without saying any word. I was a little shocked. After a while she appeared with new net of oranges in one hand and in the other with my chosen oranges. Then she easily used a code from the other net and she was going on. In the end she took apples which unfortunately didn't have a code, too. It was appalling! She went away again and finally I spent there almost forty minutes because they had a plenty of goods without codes. Of course, I claim it is a failure of the supermarket and I am only a costumer not a worker of this shop so why I should go back there to the shelves with the same stuff and change it? I suppose it has to be solved by some worker as it happened to me but I was wrong. On Monday I was there and a woman was buying meat and cheese when a shop assistant told her that a code is not readable so she had to leave back to the shop for the other same thing. The woman did it, of course. During this time a queue became for me never-ending and everybody was getting rather nervous. When she at last returned, the worker told her that it is the same code which is again unreadable. The costumer was annoyed and told her she doesn't want this meat any longer, she paid her cheese and got finally out of the shop with annoying feeling.


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One normal day in 2008 A