Podstatná jména + předložka

a picture of = obrázek něčeho

There is a picture of his daughter hanging on the wall.

a map of = mapa něčeho

If you want to travel a lot, you need to buy a good map of France.

an invitation to = pozvání k něčemu

We sent them an invitation to our wedding yesterday. I hope they will get it soon.

relationship with / between = vztah s / mezi

Her relationship with her father was complicated all life.

Přídavné jméno + předložka

nice / kind / stupid of = pěkné / laskavé / hloupé od

It is nice of you to help him.

excited / nervous / happy about = vzrušený / nervózní / šťastný o

She was excited about her coming holiday.

please / happy with = potěšený / šťastný něčím

They were very pleased with your visit.

sorry about / for = líto něčeho

She was sorry for waking him up so early.

afraid of = bát se

They were afraid of going home alone.

proud of = pyšný na

She is very proud of her daughter.

full of = plný něčeho

Her basket was full of fresh strawberries.

good / bad at = dobrý / špatný v

I am good at English but bad at physics.

married to = ženatý / vdaná

My brother is married to Jane who is the best friend of my sister.

Sloveso + předložka

ask / wait for = požádat / čekat na

She was waiting for her little brother for an hour yesterday.

look / shout at = dívat se / křičet na

Her mother shouted at her because she broke very expensive vase.

die of / from = zemřít na

Her grandfather died of heart attack ten years ago.