předložky.jpgDůležité vazby sloves

accuse / suspect somebody of = obvinit / podezřívat z
He was accused of that theft two years ago.

blame for/on = vinit z
She blames me for her failure.

approve / disapprove of = schvalovat / neschvalovat
I totally disapprove of your decision.

die of / from = zemřít na
His grandfather died of heart attack.

thank for = děkovat za
Thank you very much for coming today!

apologise for = omluvit se za
I would like to apologise you for my impatience.

protect somebody / something from / against = chránit někoho před něčím
She has protected her brother from their violent father.

suffer from = trpět na
I often suffer from runny nose.

depend on = záviset na
It depends only on your decision.

congratulate on = gratulovat na
She congratulated him on his promotion through the phone the minute he had left his boss'  office.

believe in = věřit v
They don't believe in God. This I know for sure.

cut / divide / split into = rozdělit do
You need to split it into two parts.

concetrate on = soustředit se na
She is a bad student. She really cannot concentrate on anything.

insist on = trvat na
They insisted on coming with us even though we knew how boring it will be for them.

consist of = skládat se z
My homework consists of four parts.