present >> past
                   past >> past perfect
present perfect >> past perfect


                PŘÍMÁ > NEPŘÍMÁ ŘEČ


present simple » past simple                 

        My mother is a lawyer. » He said his mother was a lawyer.

present continuous » past continuous   

                I´m having my hair cut today. » He said he was having his hair cut that day.

                      past simple » past perfect simple

                I started out as a teacher. » He said he had started out as a teacher.

                           present perfect simple » past perfect simple

       I have passed my driving test. » He said he had passed his driving test.

  present perfect continuous » past perfect continuous

I have been having lessons for a year.»He said he had been having lessons for a year.

                     can/will/must » could/would/had to

Can you help me do my homeworkShe asked him if he could help her do her homework.

I will help you do your homework. » She said she would help him do his homework.

You must do your homework. » The teacher told him he had to do his homework.

                                       yes/no question »  If + word order of a statement

     Do you want some more cake? » She asked him if he wanted some more cake

Are you coming shopping this afternoon?»She asked if/whether she was                                                                                                  going shopping that afternoon.

  modal verb

Let´s go to the beach. » She suggested going to the beach.

                                              » She suggested they go to the beach.

                                                  » She suggested they went to the beach.

                                                            » She suggested they should go to the beach.

                                     wh- question » What + word order of a statement

  What´s your favorite sport? » I asked him what his favourite sport was.

 Where do you live? » They asked her where she lived.

             imperative » With to + infinitive

                        Have a rest. » She advised/told him to have a rest.

negative imperative » Not + to + infinitive        

                   Don´t make so much noise. » He told them not to make so much noise.



 1. bezprostředně po vyřčení

            It´s a lovely day today. She says it´s a lovely day today.

 2. Když hovoříme o vědeckých věcech

            Our teacher told us the earth goes round  the Sun.

 3. když je to stále pravda

            He said he is a teacher.

 4. might, could, would, should, ought to - neposunujeme, zůstanou ve stejném tvaru.

 5. když se jedná o přesně určenou dobu v min. příslovečným určením času nebo vedlejší větou

            He said: I lived here in 1970. He said he lived here in 1970.



today >> that day this morning >> that morning  now >> then

 here >> there ago >> before

tomorrow >> the next day/the following day

yesterday >> the day before/the previous day

next week >> the following week 


  • ask, advice, beg, encourage, invite, tell, remind, warn

She advised me to go to the dentist.

  •  say, claim, admit, promise, deny

She claimed that she was not guilty.

  •  tell, remind, warn

She reminded us that we should have gone.

  •  deny, admit, suggest

She suggested going to the theatre.

  •  answer, reply, announce, report, write, read, want to know, know, learn, feel,..


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